I’ve finally started publishing my Tarot Teaclub book series after a hectic decade.


It’s about Tarot cards. It’s about being Australian. It’s about 12 people and a cat. 

It’s about the unknown origins and hidden history of Tarot.

But mostly, it’s a chance to live the Tarot. Card by card. Story by story. And master all the hidden lessons it has to offer!

Because Tarot is not just a fortune telling tool. It’s a holy book. A guidebook for life. A profound story about the journey we each take as human beings.

Twenty-two cards. Twenty-two chapters. Twenty-two eBooks.

You can take them one at a time.

To give you a chance to see whether this serial is your cup of tea, so to speak!


Twelve people meet to discuss tarot cards over a cup of tea. There’s ex-hospital matron Faye, lonely retiree Flick, lecturer Peta, mums Donna, Andrea and Leonie, twenty-somethings Valentina, Mira and Fiona, as well as Goth Girl, Suit Boy, and Elizabeth, the groups’ founder. Each with their own secrets and personal struggles!

In The Fool, watch them begin their journey through the Major Arcana: The twenty-two cards which form the secret sacred text of Tarot. Spot the clues to the card’s meaning and the challenges each face!

This is just the beginning.

The first chapter.

The prologue to their adventure.