Details Smetails

It’s the little details that are most telling in Tarot. That add nuances to the meanings of each card. Let’s check some examples starting with the card we looked at yesterday, the Four Of Pentacles.

4 Pents

Four is a solid number. One you can rely on. Animals stand on four legs after all. The fact that this card is numbered four suggests a solid foundation be it financial or values or whatever. And note the city in the background. People work in cities. This suggests that the man has a job, earns a wage. Both these details point to the functional expression of this card: The Good Provider. Despite the black coat, this man can be someone you can rely on.

Another detail: The coin on the man’s head, weighing him down. This points to the burden that possessions or cold hard cash can be for the owner. Points to how money can cloud someone’s judgement. Points to other not-so-positive readings of the card.

Now for one of my favorites (I do go on about him alot only ’cause I feel he’s so misunderstood).

The Devil

A lot of people are afraid of The Devil. But there is a key detail in the picture that shows why we don’t need to be: The loose chains around the man and woman’s necks. Although the devil looms large in this card he is not the one in control. We are. At any stage we can throw off his chains and walk away. It’s up to us.

Does this make you feel better about The Devil card? Even just a teensy bit?

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