About tanlee3

Hi! I'm a teacher and writer who's been using Tarot cards for years as a source of advice. I'm not a big fan of fortune telling. Am way more interested in helping people use the cards for themselves. To that end I have started this blog to encourage discussion about what each card means and to educate those who may never have come into contact with Tarot about it's amazing potential to help guide you on your path through life. Also, just for fun.

Birth Pains

Anyone who’s seen or actually given birth knows it’s an involved and painful process (except for those ridiculous cases where the baby slides out unexpectedly).

There are just so many things that can torture you, such as… Continue reading




A nudge is a little push. Animals nudge their young to steer them in the right direction. And now behavioural scientists are suggesting parents use this strategy as well, to steer their young in the right direction.

Kids definitely don’t seem to respond to this strategy… Continue reading