The Emperor: Hey Dad!

The Emperor

We had a look at The Empress recently so it seems only fair to check out her counterpart, The Emperor. He’s one of the Life Lessons (Major Arcana) cards so he carries a bit of weight in a reading but as he’s found early on in Life Lesson Tarot he’s not too complicated. What does he represent?

He’s your dad.

He’s you as a dad.

He’s a hard worker, or, the need to work hard.

He’s the one meeting out discipline or the need to be disciplined.

He’s successful. Gets things done. (Cause he works hard and is disciplined. The knee bones connected to the thigh bone.)

He’s where you experience limitations.

He’s good at saying no. (Whereas The Empress is the yay-sayer.) Note: He’s not a hard arse. That’s more the King of Swords. The Emperor has expectations but he’s not cut-throat or mean about it. Just firm.

He’s rules and regulations.

He’s every authority figure. Authority in general. Policemen in particular.

He’s the rock you can lean on. But also the immoveable object in your path.

He’s your inner critic. (Whereas The Empress is more like your inner encourager.) That voice in your head that reminds you what a loser you are.

He’s the screws turned tight. The control freak. Obsessive compulsive behaviour. When I was a teenager I had to have 16 teaspoons in my Milo (an Australian chocolate drink). Had to. 16 exactly. That sort of thing.

He’s in charge. The patriarch. Your boss. The dominator in S & M situations.

He rules. Sometimes with a fair hand. Sometimes with an iron fist.

He makes you feel safe and secure. Will defend his loved ones to the death.

He loves routine.

He’s self-controlled. You can’t rattle him no matter how much you try.

And he makes no apologies for all of the above.

You need to exert a little Emperor energy if you want to achieve your goals. Forcing myself to write on this blog every day no matter how #$&% I feel is tres` Emperor. (Actually #$&% represents tiredness more than anything else. Not a very exciting emotion huh? But day-to-day life exhaustion is my mortal enemy when it comes to writing. You can’t write if you can’t think and you can’t think if you’re tired. I’ve been off work for the last two months caring for an ill family member and go back to my day job tomorrow. So it’ll be interesting to see if the quality of my posts are affected. I’ll be drawing on all The Emperor reserves I have to write them I can tell you. Teaching children is like pouring your energy down a black hole every single day. Lucky I enjoy it.)

How you feel about The Emperor card will tell you a lot about how good you are at setting boundaries in your life and/or about your relationship with your father. So how do you feel about The Emperor? Please share.

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