Ten Of Wands: Christmas Overload!


At this time of year it’s easy to feel overloaded by all the tasks we have to perform in order to be ready for Christmas. There are presents to buy, seasonal functions to attend, get-togethers with loved ones to organize not to mention the big day itself, which as we know can be mighty tricky to arrange what with everyone being so emotionally attached to their own way of celebrating Christmas. In Australia it’s also the end of the school year so we have the tasks associated with that on top of everything else.

Enter this card:

10 Wands

The Ten Of Wands. A man carries a heavy load in his arms in a way that doesn’t make it easy for him to bear the burden. He doesn’t look comfortable or happy does he? All his focus is on his task, nothing else. There’s no way he can see where he’s going and there’s a good chance he’s going to come to grief at some stage of his journey home.

Ten is the ultimate expression of any suit. Wands are skills and talents. In this card you are pushing yourself and your talents to the limits of your endurance. And there’s a suggestion that maybe you are making things unnecessarily hard for yourself. Trying to do too much. Maybe you’re so focused on buying the perfect presents or having the perfect Christmas lunch that you miss the bigger picture. Which is to spread some Christmas cheer in case you haven’t guessed. Enjoy yourself even!

So take care out there in the shopping aisles and car parks as the festive season begins to build up a head of steam. Don’t push yourselves too hard. Because Christmas should be a joyful occasion not one in which you just end up feeling like the proverbial beast of burden!

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