Four Of Pentacles: A Christmas Carol And Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past

4 PentaclesI sat down last Saturday night to watch ‘The Muppet’s Christmas Carol’ movie with my youngest daughter. For old time’s sake. We watched it together a lot around this time of year when she was younger. Tweenies love it. The story is based on Charles Dicken’s classic tale ‘A Christmas Carol’ about Ebenezer Scrooge, a rich old bugger famous for being tight with his money. One Christmas Eve he’s visited by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future who show him visions of his life. When Scrooge wakes the next day he is a changed man. Kind and generous.

Another movie based on Dicken’s tale is the romantic comedy ‘Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past’ starring Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner. Matthew’s character, Connor, is famous for his womanising ways. For dumping girls the minute they get tooooo serious. The night before his brother’s wedding he’s visited by three ghosts who take him through his romantic past, present and future. After which he comes to his senses and gets back together with the girl-next-door of his dreams.

Both Scrooge and Connor are classic Four of Pentacles figures. One is tight with his wallet, the other with his feelings. I recommend watching either movie if you want to get to know the Four of Pentacles card better.

Can you think of any other films starring a Scrooge type character?

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