Ten Of Pentacles: Celebrating Sweet Family Traditions

10 Pentacles

It’s Friday night here in Australia which puts me in mind of fish and chips. When I was growing up it was de rigueur to have them for dinner at the end of the working week. Lots of families did. None of this ringing up to order over the phone either. It was like this ritual where you’d go to the fish and chips shop, place your order over the counter, then sit down on a bench with your back against the wall to wait for your ticket number to be called along with about 20 other people. You couldn’t see much. Fish and chip shops in Melbourne have a high serving counter so all the action is hidden. But you’d hear the sizzle of chips hitting the oil, smell the vinegar as it was poured liberally over your order afterwards and hear the paper crinkle as it was wrapped up like a present for you to take home. It was the only take away my family ever had which made it super special.

The Ten of Pentacles is the Tarot card which represents sweet family traditions such as this one. Pentacles are our values and a ten card is the ultimate expression of any suit. The things that we value the most as families are the things that become traditions.

My children and I don’t have fish and chips on a Friday night. It’s more likely to be McDonalds these days. But we do enjoy a good snuggle on the couch while watching rom coms and chick flicks. Or at least we did, until they got old enough to want to go out and party. These days our Friday night tradition is more likely to be me getting a phone call to go pick them up in the wee hours, lol!

What are some of your family traditions?

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