The Tarot Of The Christmas You Want Vs The Christmas You Get

So. It’s Christmas Eve here in Australia and I’m writing my post early before heading off with the family to my parent’s house. My youngest daughter is beyond excited and is champing at the bit to open her first present which she’ll get to do when I finish this because it’s too darn heavy to lift into the car (it’s a rubber dinghy). But before she starts ripping into that wrapping paper I want to discuss the Christmas you want versus the Christmas you often get.

This card represents the Christmas we want…

10 Cups

Ten Of Cups: Happy Families

This card represents the Christmas we often get…

10 Pents

Ten of Pentacles: Familiar Obligations. Having great aunt Rose who you’ve never met before and Old Uncle Al who asks lots of inappropriate questions to dinner on Christmas day ’cause it’s the right thing to do.

Now, I used to hate spending Christmas with people I didn’t know well but the older I get the less I mind having randoms at my dinner table. Maybe that’s because I’ll soon be one of them myself, lol.

I wish you and your family all the best during this holiday season with whatever Christmas (or other holiday) you end up with. Cheers!

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