A Rose By Any Other Tag Line Would Smell As Sweet!

cropped-tea.jpgHello Teaclubbers!

I’ve popped home from my bush camp for the night to pick up tent supplies and sit out the gale force winds in the comfort of my own home. With a cup of tea in hand of course. Thought I’d change the tag line of this blog while I was at it.

You never know how a blog’s going to turn out when you start one. In the beginning I imagined a whole lot of people on here sharing their ideas about the meaning of Tarot cards. Instead it’s turned into a daily rant by yours truly about the Tarot of some aspect of popular culture or everyday life (usually my own because there’s nothing like laying yourself bare for your art, gulp.)

So I thought I should make my tag line a better fit for the type of blog I’ve ended up creating. Let me know if you think it sounds right or not. Maybe you have a better suggestion? I do like to hear from you. Just because I took the word ‘share’ out doesn’t mean I don’t want you to share anymore. I do. Anytime!

Cheers, tan.

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