The Hierophant: Who Is He?

The Hierophant

The Hierophant: A man sits on a throne holding a sceptre in one hand and giving some kind of sign with his other. He is dressed in ceremonial robes and wears a crown on his head. Two men kneel at his feet looking subservient.

Some peeps call this fellow the High Priest. Companion to the High Priestess of Life Lessons Tarot (aka the Major Arcana). He is also known as the Pope and the Shaman. But who is he? Really? Well, he’s…

Every single one of your school teachers. The local priest. The Dalai Lama. The Iman at the mosque. Any social commentator be they in the newspaper, on television or the internet or just in your ear. Your Uncle Jim keeping you cornered at some family function raving on about his right wing/left wing/anarchist cause. Me on this blog. The school crossing lady making you check both ways for oncoming cars. Your ballet/black belt/swimming coach. A scout leader. All those shopkeepers you came across as a child who reminded you to use your manners. Every poet and writer and singer and movie star whose words you’ve looked to for guidance. Your psychiatrist. Psychologist. Therapist. Doctor.

Basically, anyone trying to teach you something about the world. Right or wrong as they may be.

Can you think of other examples?

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