Knight Of Swords: Having A Rant

Knight Swords

I reckon if any Tarot card symbolized ‘having a rant’ it would have to be the Knight Of Swords. Look at him, charging off in that reckless manner. I’m in the mood for a rant tonight. Deep breath, here goes…

I’m sooo over peeps having a go at me because I like to watch Big Brother. I don’t have a go at them when they watch drug porn like Breaking Bad or serial killer porn like Dexter and Criminal Minds. So what if those shows are well written, they deal with depressing and dark subject matter which imho is dangerous for the soul. But do I belittle my friends when they talk about watching these shows, no. Yet plenty feel perfectly entitled to tsk tsk me over my choice of television viewing.

So here’s my response to the haters.

*I find it offensive and inaccurate when you describe all BB housemates as bogans. There have been plenty of intelligent housemates over the years. If you cared to watch it you’d realise that!

*What gives you the right to wipe off a whole group of people as ‘bogans’ anyway? Everyone has something to offer. Who do you think you are?

*What fascinates me about BB is the same thing that fascinates me as a teacher and as a writer: Watching people reveal themselves over time through off-hand comments. Watching them grow and blossom.

There IS a valid criticism my friends could offer but I never hear it. They’re too busy snubbing their noses in the air. BB has a mean streak. In its insistence on getting housemates to nominate friends for elimination. In airing the cruel things they say when letting off steam (as we all do) which encourages online hatred and bullying. Now that argument I could understand. But I never hear it.

Are you a BB lover or hater?

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