Four Of Pentacles Reversed: When Money Slips Through Your Fingers

4 Pents R

Tonight’s topic was inspired by a recent email from Biddy Tarot. The woman who runs this site, Brigit, makes a lot of sense. I highly recommend you check it out.

When the Four Of Pentacles is in the upright position you see a man in possession of four pentacles which he holds tightly in his grip. Pentacles represent things of value, money being the most obvious example. The pentacles themselves are in the shape of coins. Thus, this man is seen as someone who holds onto the things he values in life. Someone who’s a good budgeter.

However when you reverse this card the coins look as though they are going to slip through his fingers. The Four Of Pentacles Reversed can represent someone who’s not much chop in the budgeting department. Someone who may need their credit cards chopped up, lol.

Are you good or bad at budgeting?

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