Two Of Cups Reversed: The Break Up!

2 Cups R

Sad to read today that supermodel Miranda Kerr and movie star Orlando Bloom have separated. They seemed like such a nice young couple. And of course, they have a child together. A break up is never fun. No matter how decent the peeps involved, it hurts and it’s hard. You have to unwind all the links that have bound you together.

I’m pegging the Two Of Cups Reversed as the break up card in Tarot. In this card two people are seen exchanging cups which represent some kind of emotional involvement beit love or business. When the card’s reversed the couple take those feelings back. Of course when marriage and children and property are involved you would also expect to see other heavyweight cards in the spread such as The Tower or Death. And if the break up involves a love match like Miranda and Orlando you’d have The Lovers card as well.

Do you feel sad when celebs break up or do you have a care factor of zero (probably much more sensible)?

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