Judgement: Proof Of Life


I’m on a roll with Judgement today. As so often happens, once you start focusing on a Tarot card different aspects of it pop into your head.

Last night I finished reading a book called ‘Proof Of Life’. Written by an American neurosurgeon it describes a Near Death Experience (NDE) he had while in a coma which completely changed his mind about what drives consciousness. Before his illness he believed like most scientists that the brain powered our thoughts but since the NDE he’s absolutely convinced it’s actually the human spark, spirit, the soul, which drives consciousness.

The reason the experience was so convincing was that it was physically impossible for him to have been hallucinating while in the coma. His brain was under a particularly nasty attack which made all but deep brain function impossible. He wasn’t expected to live much less make a full recovery, yet both he did. He describes his NDE as more real than reality. Whereas the hallucinations he had as he recovered consciousness were clearly not. Yet despite the convincing nature of his experience his doctors remained unconvinced that he had experienced life as a soul.

This is my problem with the scientific method. If you can’t prove something is real it doesn’t exist. Which is ridiculous. We didn’t know about atoms until recently but they still existed. As a young ‘un I studied science at a prestigious institution and majored in brain physiology in the belief that it would help me unravel the greatest mystery of all: Who Are We? But I was mistaken. Science could tell me lots about the hardware but nothing about the software which guides the brain. And ever since I have searched elsewhere for the answer.

Tarot gives an answer to that question in the Judgement card. The same answer Eben Alexander discovered in his NDE.

We are souls.

Pure and simple.

And when we die we will be called to another kind of life. A life of beauty and harmony as represented by the card which follows Judgement, The World. The same kind of life Eben experienced during his coma.

What do you think happens when we die?

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