The Magician: Having An Attitude Of Gratitude

The Magician

Just heard a group of teens outside my front door wish some randoms a ‘Happy New Year’. I think we underestimate the power of these words. We say them by rote, without considering their meaning. But when you stop and think about it, what a beautiful way to start each year. Strangers reaching out to one another and wishing each other well. What a wonderful attitude we display towards our fellow human beings at midnight on January 1. If only we could keep it up for the rest of the year!

I’ve long believed that attitude is everything. And Tarot agrees. That’s why The Magician is card number one in the pack. That’s why my focus as a teacher has always been to work on my students’ attitude first. You can’t teach anyone anything if they’re not ready to learn.

And as a general rule in life, no matter what happens, I try to have an attitude of gratitude. This doesn’t mean I always FEEL grateful. I was definitely not singing Kumbayah when stuck in a hospital emergency department in the middle of the night on Monday while my daughter was being offered drugs to ease her pain by a fellow patient who meant well but. Am pretty sure I posted a Life Sucks rant on my personal FB page instead.┬áBut at the end of each day I try to put things in perspective. Give thanks for the good things. It makes the hard stuff easier to bear.

Happy New Year Everyone! May your dreams come true in 2014. And if by some chance they don’t, may an attitude of gratitude keep you pressing forwards regardless.

Are you feeling hopeful about the new year?

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