The Tarot Year Card: When Does It Kick In?

We’ve talked about your personal Tarot Card-Of-The-Year before. But for those of you new to The Tarot Teaclub or who’ve forgotten it’s a numerological formula you use to work out which Tarot card represents the type of experiences you can expect to have each year. The formula is this: You add up your birth day + your birth month + the current calendar year. Then you work out which Life Lesson card matches the number you got. If the number is greater than 21, you add the digits together. Most years you just move into the next Life Lesson card. For example, I had The Devil last year so now I’m in The Tower.

There’s a bit of controversy about when this card kicks in. I’ve always felt as if it does so from the start of the year because the year number is clearly included in the formula. However many others believe the Tarot Year Card begins on your birthday.

As you can tell by my blog posts I’ve definitely been in a Tower-like space since the start of the year. There’s been one crisis after another beginning right on New Year. However, I can also see the work of The Devil card in my experiences. I’ve felt trapped, like I’m going round in circles, enslaved in a health system that won’t let me find escape or relief. Its only been this past week, as my birthday looms closer, that I’m experiencing some relief which suggests I may finally be beginning to escape the last dregs of The Devil card.

So maybe the Tarot Year Card takes both the new year and your birthday into account. Maybe it begins with the New Year but really kicks in around the time of your birthday. Looking back at my last Tower Year I can definitely see that pattern.

What do you think?

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