Page Of Swords Reversed: Blowing Hot Air

Page Swords R

Sword peeps are equivalent to the astrological air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. They’re the thinkers, talkers and ideas Tarot people. But what happens when that energy is in its infancy and doesn’t come out right? You get the Page Of Swords Reversed.

As in someone who…

Blows hot air. Talks a lot without saying anything meaningful.

Asks lots of questions but doesn’t listen to any answers. Puts me in mind of a yapping dog.

Isn’t specific. Takes ages to get to the point. Waffles on.

Has completely impractical ideas that would never work in a million years. Kinda like trying to slash clouds with a sword.

Makes promises s/he can’t deliver.

Is all talk, no action.

Any other suggestions?

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