The Tarot of Rogue One


I watched Rogue One for the second time last night. Once was really enough but being the sci-fi buff that I am, I was happy to oblige my sister when she asked for some movie company.

Let’s explore the Tarot of Rogue One…

The main protagonist is Jyn Erso. She’s the daughter of a scientist forced to work on the Death Star. She loses her parents at a young age and is abandoned by her protector at 16, after which she goes around causing lots of trouble for whoever.

Knight Wands R

Knight of Wands Reversed: Rebel without a cause

She is teamed up with an Intelligence Officer named Cassian Andor on a mission for the Resistance. He has performed many nefarious deeds to support the Rebel Alliance, including killing innocents, as we see in one of the first few scenes.

Knight Swords R

Knight of Swords Reversed: Spy Master

They travel to the planet of Jedha, where the Empire has been mining an essential mineral  needed to complete the Death Star. Here they meet two characters who become members of their party.

Chirrut Imre is a blind priest who uses the force to fight.

Knight Cups

Knight of Cups: Spiritual Warrior

Imre is a lot more kick arse than this picture would suggest, but for me, spirit is aligned with cups, just as feelings are.

He is protected by his friend, Baze Malbus. Baze doesn’t bother with the force. He just gets out the machine gun whenever they’re in a spot of bother.

Knight Pents R

Knight of Pentacles Reversed: The pragmatic mercenary

They are all taken as prisoners to Jyn’s former protector, Saw Gerrera, who has also captured a pilot with a message from Jyn’s long-lost father.

Page Swords

Page of Swords: A messenger

When Jyn sees this message she realises her father has not betrayed his principles, but has rather worked on the inside to help the Resistance. This moment is life-changing for her. It transforms her from a rebel without a cause to someone who has a reason to live.

The Tower

The Tower: Personal Transformation

To cut a long story short, she then becomes the one who rallies others on a mission to capture the Death Star plans which will show the Rebels how to defeat the Empire. We all know from the first/fourth Star Wars movie this mission is successful.

6 Wands

Six of Wands: Winning!

However, this success comes at a great cost.

But to tell you more would be *spoilers*.

Have you seen Rogue One? Any other Tarot cards pop into your head when you think of this movie?

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