Weird Food Trends


My hometown Melbourne is the master of weird food trends. Breakfast served in egg trays is just one example. Here’s a few more…


Muesli served inside a coconut bowl #maybe


Cone pizza #whatabrilliantidea


Charcoal burger buns #wtf


Sushi burgers #feelinghungry


Lamington jaffles #yum

Note: A lamington is an Australian cake rolled in chocolate and coconut. Jaffles are usually sandwiches which have been toasted in a machine.


Oyster ice-cream #nope

And the piece de resistance….


Deconstructed coffee #lol

This photo of three beakers holding espresso, milk and hot water caused an uproar on social media last year. Some peeps thought the whole deconstructed food movement hit peak hipster with the invention of this beverage.

But it’s not just what’s on the plates that’s being reinvented.

Recently an online campaign has begun “against serving food on bits of wood or roof slates, chips in mugs and drinks in jam jars” #wewantplates. Here’s an example of an offending item…


And my favourite…


Vegetable tempura in a shoe

Although , this is pretty cute too…


Brush and shovel sandwich

I’d probably file weird food trends under these cards…

The Empress: Nourishment

The Fool:  Doing things differently

Are you a culinary adventurer?

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