6 Cups: Living The Fairytale!

6 Cups

The scene portrayed in this card looks kind of unreal. Like a dream. There’s all those golden colours for a start. And the lead characters are unusual. Can you see how small they look compared to the cups? And what is that funny hat the boy is wearing? They put me in mind of the Little People of myth and legend. Either that or they’re children. The castle guard and thatched cottage in the background only adds to the whole fairytale feel. This card whisks you back to the past, back to childhood.

Now, cups are feelings and here you have a boy and a girl interacting in an intimate manner. Reminds me of first love. When everything has a golden glow. When you look deeply into one another’s eyes. When he still gives the girl flowers, lol. Interestingly, The Lovers card is numbered six as well.

I find six a tricky number in Tarot. It seems a bit unsure what it wants to be. A classic case of middle child syndrome. Apparently it’s meant to suggest harmony and balance. So you are either feeling balanced in the situation this card is referring to, or not.

Going back to first love, there’s a fine line isn’t there between being in love and being obsessed. Between wanting to be with your lover all the time and stalking. Between wanting to please your partner and changing who you are to please them. It’s easy to tip over into unreality when you’re in luuurve.

Remember, only fairytales end with everyone singing and dancing. The rest of us get married or wake up. Either way we move on. You don’t want to stay in the Six of Cups forever. It’d be like eating sweets non-stop. In the end you’d feel sick. Very very sick.

If you get this card you are either:

(a) In Love (yes, please)

(b) Walking down memory lane (hmmm, it should be a happy experience, but then again fairytales can be tricky can’t they? I’m thinking of high school reunions as a classic example of how this card can bring out both the good and the bad.)

(c) Living in a fantasy world (good luck to you I say)

Any other suggestions?

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