Tarot: Sometimes You Just Don’t ‘Get It’!

ConfusedNot all of the Tarot cards speak to me. Some I got straight away, others I have built a relationship with over time and some I might never understand no matter how hard I try. Kinda like people really.

The same goes for Tarot card readings. Some I look at and straight up I get the message whilst on other occasions I can’t make head nor tail of the darn thing. I find it helps to sit on it. To keep the cards in front of me and reflect on the meaning of the images. But sometimes it’s like trying to read a foreign language and that’s all there is to it.

The Six Of Cups has been one of those cards that hasn’t sung for me. Which is a pity cause I get it often enough. Can’t tell you the number of times it has come up in a reading and I’ve been like, ‘Oh! I’m going to meet up with someone from my past’ but then I don’t. And I’ve been left wondering what the card was really trying to say.

However after forcing myself to write a blog about it yesterday I feel clearer. Like we might have connected a bit more. I’ve always interpreted this card as referring to the past but now I see that it can refer to living in a golden glow in general. And I do get carried away in love affairs. And I can look on the rosy side of life sometimes unrealistically so. (Have I mentioned my so-far thwarted ambition to be a novelist?) I am very glass half-full, maybe over-full at times. Fantasy is my friend.

How about you? Is your relationship with Tarot a work-in-progress like mine? Or do you get each and every card no problemo (and good luck to you I say)?

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