The Anxiety and Panic Attack Card

9 SwordsThis is the Nine of Swords. We’ve looked at this card before. A person sits up in bed with their head in their hands looking worried. Nine swords hang over their head. Roses adorn the bedspread.

In my last post about this card I said it represented a worrying situation that would come up smelling of roses in the end. But there are other shades to this card.

Although I rather pooh-poohed the idea last time it can also represent needless worry (Okay, okay, I was a bit focused on my own issues, it happens. Sorry about that). The problems, like the swords hanging over the person’s head, can be real or imagined.

I think I mentioned that I got this card in my birthday spread. Like the Five of Wands it’s one of three cards which came up to represent the flavour of my year as a whole. I described how I was experiencing a distressing situation that was causing me concern but felt reassured by this card that things would be alright in the end. And so it is turning out to be (fingers crossed, it’s not quite over yet).

I’ve subsequently noticed that I’ve been having panic attacks on a regular basis. Not massive ones. Just little ones. You know the kind I mean. Where you have a moment of heart flutter and breathlessness, feeling like you can’t cope. That normal everyday ‘Aaaaah’ response to a problem. I like to pretend I’m all calm and collected on the outside but I have these moments a lot. And I’m wondering now if this is another way you can experience this card. That it might come up on a regular basis if you’re an anxious person or someone who tends to panic when faced with challenges.

It’s something to think about anyway. But don’t read too much into it. Remember this card is found in Everyday Tarot. A massive panic attack or anxiety disorder would be accompanied by The Tower or The Star or some other Life Lessons card.

Please share any experiences you have of this card below.

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