Tarot Trolls

The DevilI had my first Tarot troll yesterday. Somebody left a message on my Facebook page ‘The Tarot Teaclub’ saying I should repent because it says in the Bible that astrology et al are evil. I can’t tell you the exact wording because it’s been deleted. It was a hit and run.

I pointed out that if she’d read my posts she would know that I don’t use Tarot cards in that way. In fact I actively discourage fortune telling. It can lock you into a particular future. If you believe something will happen you can make it happen. Beliefs are pretty powerful things. As I’ve said before Tarot cards for me are very much An Agony Aunt In A Box. A bit of counsel to help me keep my head together.

And I’m not anti-Christian. Far be it from me to boo hoo any religion. Anyway, I think you can use Tarot cards and be a Christian at the same time. Tarot is big enough for that. (Now there’s a revelation.)

But you know it was kinda nice that someone said something. People have been joining the Facebook page and signing up for the emails from my blog but no one’s been leaving any comments. I’m assuming that’s because most people don’t know much about Tarot cards but I could be wrong about that. Maybe I sound completely crazy? Anyone need to set me straight?

I used The Devil card to illustrate this post because one of its meanings is wanting to live in the dark. Look at the people in that card. They’re not looking for a light switch are they? And when someone preaches AT me rather than talks TO me than they aren’t looking for light to be thrown on a subject are they?

No doubt there will be many more Tarot trolls to come. And all I can be is tolerant and compassionate. Because that’s what Tarot teaches me to be with the Judgement card, the penultimate one of the deck. But more on that another day.

How do you deal with trolls?

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