2 Be Or Not 2 Be (Me)!

2 WandsThis is the Two Of Wands. I get this card a lot although it’s not one I’ve spent a great deal of time thinking about. The meaning’s obvious isn’t it? The man in the card is facing some kind of choice.

Number two Tarot cards deal with duality. There are always two things that need to be balanced or judged or juggled. While wands represent skills and talents or enterprises you embark upon. The man is holding a globe in one hand and a wand in the other like he is weighing them against one another. He’s already accomplished some things as evidenced by the other wand on his right side and by the fact that he is dressed well and standing on top of what-looks-like a castle. He stares out at the horizon as if seeking inspiration about his next move. The world spread at his feet. In the Tarot of Numbers I labelled this card ‘Weighing Your Options.’

The Biddy Tarot website says that the globe represents that the world is his oyster. That the man can do anything he sets his mind to. And so that may be.

But I think there’s a deeper level of meaning here. The man is not choosing between two skills. He’s choosing between what the world or life demands of him and some part of himself that he’d like to develop. In one sense he is choosing whether or not to be true to himself, to express himself freely.

Now Tarot doesn’t judge. It may be that there are times when the world comes first. That this card is telling you that you need to put other considerations before your own at the moment. But Tarot does recommend. Ultimately developing your skills and talents is something that is encouraged.

To be me or not to be me. Fully yourself in every situation. I’ve struggled with that. Have you?

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