The Empress: Hello Mother!

The Empress

The Empress isn’t a card I relate to real well being the multiple swords woman Queen of Wands live-in-my-head kind of gal that I am. She and I really need to work on our relationship. So to that end I thought I’d spend some time tonight conjugating her meanings. Off the top of my head, here goes:

She’s your mother.

She’s the nourisher extraordinaire who likes to bake. Muffins and cupcakes her specialty.

She loves babies. But she can be the nester from hell. Her baby nursery straight from Vogue Living.

She’s creative. Maybe an artiste.

She’s good at growing things. A gardener par excellence!

She likes to knit or sew while watching TV at night. Her hands can’t sit still.

But she can also be lazy. Have a cleaner or just lets things go. She finds chaos creative.

She’d walk a mile to help a girlfriend in trouble.

She likes being pampered. Chocolate, massages and spas are three of her favourite things. In fact if she could, her staple diet would consist of chocolate and champagne. Yep, you guessed it, she’s a bit on the fleshy side (fleshy, chubby, whatev!)

She’s the bubble wrap mother fighting her children’s battles for them.

A girl’s girl who likes a bit of glam and dolling up. Pass the make-up please.

She’s super sexy. Loves doing the deed. In fact you’d be lucky to have her as a partner because she’d be tres` inventive in bed.

But watch out because she can make you feel smothered. In which case you need to run, fast!

She’s more your hotel kind of girl than camper. Likes soft sheets and breakfast in bed. Likes to stay in her dressing gown half the day. But she enjoys looking at nature and will go bush if there’s someone to do the hard yakka for her.

She likes to party all night. Play. Have fun. Enjoys cocktails on the beach at sunset.

She spends a lot of time lying on the couch reading fashion magazines and shopping online. She’s a frills and lace kind of girl. Dresses not jeans.

She loves nothing more than a natter with friends over a good cup of tea.

This is not definitely not me (I live in jeans and t-shirts and drink way too much tea ’cause I’m too lazy to cook) but does this sound like you or someone you know? Please share.

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