The Lance Armstrong Story Tarot Style

Lance Armstrong is all over the news at the mo so I thought it’d be fun to tell his story Tarot style. You know, as it’s been reported. I’m not his judge and jury.

7 Swords

Seven of Swords: The Tactician. Otherwise known as The Sneaky Bastard.

6 Wands

Six of Wands: The Winner. In a reading this card would come up in the past position for Lance.

The Wheel Of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune: Experiencing ups and downs. And when you’ve been way way up you’re bound to fall way way down. But kudos to him for beating cancer and getting back on his bike. There is still something to admire there.

The Tower

The Tower: The fall from grace. Breakdowns (that would be his team-mates). Revelation (that would be about him).

The Devil

The Devil: An obvious choice. Living in denial. Making winning your god.

The Moon

The Moon: Revealing hidden depths. And boy are they murky. Makes you want to take a long hot shower when you listen to his team mate’s stories.

The World

The World: And this is all happening on a world stage.

3 Swords

Three of Swords: There is real grief being felt over Lance. People feel like they’ve been stabbed in the heart, and fair enough say I. He was our hero. Note how the swords in the card don’t drip blood i.e. The wound isn’t fresh. This is because the betrayal occurred in the past.

I feel a multi-million dollar tell-all confessional book contract coming on. But what would I know being the non-psychic Tarot reader that I am? Sometimes my intuition is spot on and other times I couldn’t hit the future with a ten foot pole if I tried.

Feel free to add your own suggestions re the Lance Armstrong story in the comments section below. Anyone?

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