Card Of The Day


I’ve noticed there are lots of people on the Internet offering a ‘card of the day’ type service. The way it works is that they pull a card from the deck to represent the day ahead and share the meaning of that card with peeps.

Now, there’s no way that card could symbolize the experience every single one of their followers is going to have that day. Tarot doesn’t work like that. It’s personal. Tarot decks prefer to speak to the people dealing the cards. A reading done for a broader audience is going to be much less reliable, if it works at all.

However, I think card-of-the-day services can fulfill a higher purpose. Namely, they can help you learn the meanings of each card. There is just so much information to take in when it comes to Tarot it’s good to have it broken down into bite-sized chunks to swallow. So long as you keep in mind that there will always be more meanings to learn. Fifty shades for each card, remember?

An even better way to learn to speak Tarot is to do this activity yourself. Buy some cards (You can get a Rider-Smith-Waite deck from Amazon for a reasonable price.) Everyday stick a new one on the fridge or somewhere else you’ll see it. Note what happens to you. See if any of the images on the card leap out. Write down your observations in a journal. I promise you that over time you will see patterns form. (Or just come here and we’ll discuss it together. I’d like that.)

And if you see any card-of-the-day explanations on the net that you think are great please share them below (with the author’s name of course.)

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