Eight Of Cups: Searching For Something More

8 Cups

A man turns his back on eight cups and heads off in another direction. Mountains lie in his path. The cups belong to him. They represent relationships or things from which he draws emotional satisfaction. But he turns his back on them because they no longer serve his needs. He’s off to find something or someone better.

There’s a lot of emotion surrounding this card as evidenced by the EIGHT cups and the winding river. Water = feelings. It’s never easy to let go of a partner or friends or things which have been an emotional support for you even if you know this is the right thing to do (or the card tells you it is, lol.) That’s why the moon’s face looks so sad. You have to be really dissatisfied with what you already have.

And that’s only half the battle. A lot of work and effort will be required to create new relationships/emotional supports in your life. It’s as hard as climbing mountains. And there’s no guarantee you’ll find anything on the other side. The man looks alone and is alone in this quest.

Because there are eight cups you are dealing here with deep emotions. This isn’t the card you get when you break up with your first puppy love. More like when you break up with a long-term partner. Someone who has brought plenty to the table but isn’t the right fit for you. Think a la Goldilocks. The girl with the golden locks could have had her hunger sated by those first two bowls of porridge but she keeps looking until she finds the one that satisfies her completely.

The Eight of Cups is also the card of the spiritual quest. It comes up when you feel the need to turn your back on material concerns to search for the meaning of life or it’s closest equivalent. I guess you dear reader perusing these posts about Tarot cards fits into that box, ha!

Can you relate? Please share. Someone? Anyone? Helloooo?

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