8 Cups Reversed: The Commitment-Phobe

8 Cups R

So, as I’ve mentioned before Tarot cards can be read in both a positive and negative light. As with all readings you work out which meaning to choose depending on the position of the card. One of the more obvious ways you know when to choose the negative meaning is when a card appears upside down.

Of course, just as with the positive versions of each card there are lots of negative meanings to choose from. For the Eight of Cups this can include:

Being a commitment-phobe. Running whenever a relationship gets too serious. Warren Beatty was a classic case until he met the right woman Annette Bening and settled down (or maybe she just came along at the right time?)

Dating a commitment-phobe.

Needing to walk away from a situation that is bad for you even though you may not want to.

Having a restless spirit. Being unable to settle down.

Feeling like you’re being held back from your true path by commitments you have made to others.

Being too scared to follow your dreams or to break away from relationships that no longer sustain you.

Any other suggestions?

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