Tarot: So Much More Than A Fortune Teller’s Tool


I had a comment on my blog the other day (yay a comment!) asking me to predict somebody’s fate, her doom even. I declined of course, being the non-psychic Tarot card reader that I am (As if I’d want to predict someone’s doom anyway. What the?) As I’ve said before that’s not what this blog is on about. I mean, yeah, sure, you can use Tarot cards to predict the future if you want (I keep warning you but that you can get into trouble if you do. Feel chained to a particular outcome. Mind you, that doesn’t stop me doing it now and then, ha!) But as I cannot emphasise enough there is more to Tarot than that. Clearly the message needs to be hammered home with triple exclamation points: Tarot is so much more than a fortune teller’s tool!!!

What kind of more you ask? Well, for starters…

It’s an Agony Aunt In A Box for on the spot advice. Ever so useful if you are prone to panicking like me about everyday situations. It’s a bit like asking one of those toy fortune telling balls ‘Does he like me?’ but with more reliable and detailed answers.

It’s a language. One written in picture form like Egyptian Hieroglyphs. Both use images that can be interpreted in different ways according to context. This association with the ancient world makes Tarot kind of cool don’t you reckon?

It’s the ultimate story telling tool. Great for would-be novelists. Just chuck some cards in the air, see where they fall and make a story out of that. Or do what I do. Tell the news-of-the-moment using the cards.You can also use it to send secret messages in code. Say for example you’re worried about your boss reading your emails at work, you could send a message to your loved ones in picture form e.g.

Ten of Wands: Am overloaded with jobs.

Ten of Swords: Feeling slaughtered.

The Star: Need to escape.

Three of Cups: Let’s go have lunch.

Or simply:

5 Swords

Five of Swords: My workmate is being a prick right now!

It’s a library. A repository of stories about the human condition. I feel like I’m reading you another chapter from the Great Book of Tarot as I write these posts each night. A little bedtime story for you (or wake-up story if you live on the other side of the world.)

It’s a philosophy. This is perhaps my favourite thing about Tarot. There is a hidden book of life lessons written in the Tarot cards e.g. Tarot says you can’t feel truly at peace unless you’re contributing to the wider community in some way. (This message comes from the placement of the Judgement card just before The World.)

Can you think of anything else it could be used for?

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