Tarot: So Much More Than A Fortune Teller’s Tool


I had a comment on my blog the other day (yay a comment!) asking me to predict somebody’s fate, her doom even. I declined of course, being the non-psychic Tarot card reader that I am (As if I’d want to predict someone’s doom anyway. What the?)¬†As I’ve said before that’s not what this blog is on about. I mean, yeah, sure, you can use Tarot cards to predict the future if you want (I keep warning you but that you can get into trouble if you do. Feel chained to a particular outcome. Mind you, that doesn’t stop me doing it now and then, ha!) But as I cannot emphasise enough there is more to Tarot than that. Clearly the message needs to be hammered home with triple exclamation points: Tarot is so much more than a fortune teller’s tool!!!

What kind of more you ask? Well, for starters… Continue reading