Would You Let Tarot Choose Your Mechanic?


I’m having a bit of car trouble. Earlier this year my old Holden began leaking coolant so I took it to my regular mechanic to have it fixed which cost me serious dollars.

Seven months later the same issue. This time I took it to someone else. The verdict: I need to spend some more serious dollars to keep the darn thing on the road.

This leaves me with a dilemma.

Should I take the car back to my original mechanic who knows it really well (even though he might not have done the best job last time)? Or should I take it to the second mechanic who worked out the problem (even though he’s not a Holden specialist)? It’s a toss of the coin. There’s no way to know which choice is the better one. Either way I’m sure my dosh is done.

This is a perfect example of when consulting the old Agony Aunt In A Box can come in handy. When no one else can tell you the answer you can ask your intuition/inner voice/ gut instinct/angels/whatever to guide you via the cards.

The best spread for asking questions is the horseshoe spread. (I’ll tell you how it works if you ask me to. You know how I love hearing from you guys.) So I’ve done a spread asking which mechanic I should choose. The answer was obtuse as usual but I think I worked it out.

In the ‘What I Should Do’ position is The High Priestess card meaning I should listen to my intuition. Gee thanks Tarot, pass the buck much? In the ‘Outcome’ position is the Ten of Wands meaning I should go with the one that will take more work on my part. That would be my original mechanic I guess who lives further away and is a pain in the arse to get to. Which backs up my first instinct when I learnt how much trouble my car was in which was to go back to him.

So be it. Fingers crossed it works out okay. I’ll keep you posted, boom boom (you know, post as in tell and post as in blog, aw fuggedaboutit).

Would you let Tarot choose your mechanic?

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