The Tarot Of Frankenstorm (Or Any Natural Disaster For That Matter)

The Tarot cards that refer to a disaster of the scale of Frankenstorm come near the end of Life Lessons Tarot (otherwise known as the Major Arcana.) They are the heavy-hitters of the Tarot pack. The sequence of events might be summed up as follows:

The Devil

The Devil: Living in denial. Refusing to acknowledge the possibility of a disaster of this magnitude. Refusing to allocate adequate funding/resources to provide safeguards. Refusing to leave your home when requested by the authorities.

The Tower

The Tower: The storm

The Star

The Star: Finding sanctuary. Our dazed state in the immediate aftermath of disaster. The angels who come to our rescue.

The Moon

The Moon: The scumbags who take advantage of the chaos to commit crimes. The dark underbelly of civilisation revealed e.g. sewage and garbage spread throughout city streets. Nuclear power plants in meltdown endangering millions of lives (and up till now they seemed so harmless. Just a real pretty backdrop for our farmer’s fields and cows, aw!)

The Sun

The Sun: Rebuilding. Note: This can take years after severe events. A lifetime even.


Judgement: The government enquiries set up in the aftermath to decide what action should be taken to prevent injury to persons and property during like events in the future. Often just lip service. Thrusting us back to the card of The Devil. Then the whole deadly cycle begins anew with the next serious disaster. However if we did actually take meaningful action we’d move onto this card…

The World

I wish any readers in the path of Frankenstorm well and hope you keep safe during this freak event. Let us know how you go (if you’re up to it.) Cheers!

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