The Downside Of The Four Of Cups: The Ungrateful Wretch!

4 CupsThe Four Of Cups: A man sits facing three cups. Another cup is held out by a disembodied hand at his side.

The man’s arms are crossed, his legs are crossed, his face just looks cross. His back’s up against a tree. His lowered eyes indicate deep absorption in his own problems. The body language speaks loud and clear. He’s not happy Jan! (Okay, you probably need to be Australian to get this reference. On a famous television ad run for a few years back in the noughties Jan’s boss was not happy she missed the deadline to get his business ad in the Yellow Pages, a business directory.)

This man has a lot going on for him as represented by the three cups at the front. (This being cups we’re talking about in the relationship and/or spiritual arena.) But he either doesn’t see the fourth cup or is ignoring the opportunity it represents on purpose. This is the card of the ungrateful wretch!

I’m sorry to say that I get this card from time to time in my personal readings. Although I try to practise an attitude of gratitude its just so darn falutin’ hard sometimes. Receiving this card is always a reminder for me to try a bit harder.

Tomorrow we’ll look at the upside of the Four of Cups. In the meantime have a look at the picture and a think about what the images might mean in a positive way. Please share your thoughts below.

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