The Tarot Of Introverts

I’m a massive introvert. By that I mean I need a lot of time by myself. This is because there’s a party going on in my head all the time that demands attention. Party, imagination, stories, other worlds, same diff. I think a lot of writers are introverts. My friends and family find it hard to believe I’m one of these strange creatures because I actually like talking to people. You can tell. But there’s the thing, despite the popular misconception being an introvert doesn’t make you anti-social. It just makes you feel really really tired when you’ve had people in your face all day long. More than is normal tired.

So I’ve been pondering the Tarot of Introverts and here’s what I’ve come up with:

4 Swords

Four of Swords: The need for some time out from mental stimulation. This is the obvious choice as the card to represent introverts. However the following sums up more succinctly how I feel on a day to day basis…

2 Swords

Two of Swords: Stop talking to me! I can’t process any more! Aaaaaaaah! (This is me on the inside after a long day at work.) However, if I spend too much time by myself I start to crave this…

3 CupsThree of Cups: A social life! It’s not good for anyone to spend all their time by themselves, not even us writer introvert types. So I try to do the following:

2 Pents

Two of Pentacles: Keep a nice balance! Not that this ever happens. I tend to lurch between over-work and locking myself away for days on end to compensate like a boat sailing up and down on high seas.

Are you an introvert? Do these cards feel familiar to you too?


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