The Star In Action On The (Not-So) Mean Streets Of New York

The Star

So I mentioned a few days ago that according to Tarot after you have a Tower experience like the Frankenstorm that has just ravaged the northern coast of the U.S. you automatically move towards a Star experience. And voila, today one of my favourite websites, Jezebel, discusses how exactly this is happening on the streets of New York. People are being nicer to one another. I myself have been particularly taken by photos of New Yorkers recharging their phones on the sidewalk courtesy of strangers. Once upon a time we rushed to get food and fuel, now we rush to recharge (Completely understandably because we want to let family and friends know we’re okay, but still, lol.) The Star is the silver lining beneath every dark hurricane cloud.

Jezebel is quite cynical about the help being offered. Calls it the charitable humble brag (great byline by the way). Suggests people are just doing it so they can talk about their good deeds on social media. Make themselves feel like a hero. And fair enough, maybe there are a few of those. But Tarot suggests there is more to this phenomenon than that. And it does so by the strategic placement of The Star card directly after The Tower in Life Lessons Tarot (that’s the Major Arcana for you old timers).

A Tower experience strips away defenses. Leaves victims hurting and those observing from the sidelines feeling vulnerable. Naked so to speak. A la The Star card. In the picture a woman is pouring water on land and pond alike. We all require healing post apocalypse (land and pond) and the suggestion is this comes about by taking action to cleanse the hurt (the pouring of water soothes so many wounds.) i.e. It’s human instinct to reach out and help those affected by disaster, not only for the victim’s sake but for the observers as well. Helps cure our bystanders’s guilt, our there-but-for-the-grace-of-God-go-I fear. I’ve certainly seen the same profound reaction New Yorkers are displaying exhibited by millions of people post-bushfire and flood in Australia in recent years. It’s like Nature’s own inbuilt healing process.

The feeling will wear off soon enough and New Yorkers will go back to being the snappy closed-down people we know and love. Because next step is The Moon. All kinds of muck is bound to be thrown once people start feeling safe again. But The Star experience is a sanctuary in an ocean of pain that I think we should savour rather than doubt.

What do you think?

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