The Tarot Of Fifty Shades Of Grey


Even though I’ve been banging on about how Tarot cards come in 50 shades I’ve only just started reading this trilogy. Being the Four of Pentacles cheapskate that I am (remember, we discussed this) I get the books I want to read from the library and as you can imagine there was a veeeeery long wait list for this one. Anyway, consider this the first installment of my Tarot book review because I’m sure I’ll have more to say on the subject when I finish. But even after 174 pages there are some aspects of this story that really pop out at me (not to mention that are eye-popping in general.)

For starters, Christian Grey. While some may see him as…

The Devil

The Devil: Into bondage. Domination. Which he is of course. However I see him more as…

The Emperor

The Emperor: He’s all about The Rules. The contracts. Not to mention wildly successful in business. All attributes of The Emperor. I’m also intrigued by his insistence that the dominant/submissive relationship he’s asking Anastasia to enter into is for her benefit as stated in the contract he wants her to sign: ‘The fundamental purpose of this contract is to allow the Submissive to explore her sensuality.’ i.e. Christian’s rules are all in the aid of Anastasia’s pleasure. He is an Emperor serving his Empress.

As for Anastasia, I see her very much as acting out this card…


Strength: Trying to tame the wild beast. This is not only a reference to Christian but also to her own libido. It is sexual desire driving her to sign a contract in which she will be enslaved to someone else’s will. (Not something Tarot would ever recommend. Have you seen how dark and ugly The Devil card looks. I told you, this is to act as a warning. Do Not Enter.) You always know you’re dealing with the Strength card when a person’s conscience starts yabbering away and Anastasia’s never shuts up. But she’s going to sign away her freedom anyway because she wants to be this…

The Empress

The Empress (aka The Inner Goddess as Ana refers to her): Rolling in pleasure. Fair enough too.

So there you have it. The Emperor vs Strength. The Devil ensnaring his victim against her will through her desire to be loved (okay, in this case, maybe to have great sex). Standard Mills and Boon stereotypes.

If you have finished 50 Shades please let us know in the comments section below whether you think Christian is more The Devil or The Emperor. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Really.

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