The Tarot Of The U.S. Election 2012

Everyone else is talking about this on the net so why shouldn’t I? Here’s my Tarot of the U.S. Election 2012:

10 PentsTen of Pentacles: The Republican Party. The party of tradition and wealth. As suggested by it’s nickname ‘Grand Old Party’. (I’d never heard of this until I began reading The Huffington Post a few months ago which refers to them as GOP a lot.)

10 Cups

The Ten of Cups: The Democrats. The party that puts heart above fiscal policy (Tarot would say you need both.) The party of the poor. Of grand dreamers. And rainbow (homosexual) politics.

7 Swords

The Seven of Swords: How the Republicans feel about this election i.e. That victory was stolen from them somehow. They were so expecting to win they even accidentally launched a website declaring that Mitch Romney was the president elect.


Judgement: What I love about Americans is that no matter who they vote for they all get behind their president. A Republican friend on Facebook mentioned how she’d been praying for Obama (in a good way) since he was re-elected. As I always say, the ultimate Tarot Judgement is to not judge at all i.e. To be compassionate. To open your arms to whoever calls you or to whoever is called by you into action. In this case, supporting Obama who has been called to be the president for another 4 years by the American people.

The Tower

The Tower: The fiscal cliff looming for the U.S. economy. This is a complex set of tax increases and spending cuts that will happen automatically at the end of this year unless new legislation is passed by the government. Many fear it could bring on another U.S. recession. (Of course, it might not. No one knows for sure. And let’s face it financial analysts have gotten a worse rep than fortune tellers in the last few years when it comes to predicting the economical future.)

2 Pents

Two of Pentacles: Obama has to juggle his Democrat agenda with a Lower House dominated by the Republican Party.

2 Cups

Two of Cups: The Republicans and Democrats will need to work in partnership to resolve this matter. I really hope they can.

5 Swords

Five of Swords: However, the Tea Party has a major influence on Republican decision making and they operate in a hard core take-no-prisoners style similar to the horrible spiteful bully-boy politics currently dominating the Australian debate courtesy of both major parties.

I wish the U.S. more luck with it’s politicians than we seem to be having with ours. We certainly seem to be living through interesting times and need good leadership from our major political parties more than ever.

Are you American? How do you feel about the result?

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