Seven Of Pentacles: Taking Stock

I notice I haven’t talked much about the ‘seven’ cards so far on this blog so I thought I’d correct that oversight tout suite by discussing this one:

The Seven of Pentacles: A man pauses during his work to contemplate his achievements so far.

Seems pretty obvious what this means, huh? It’s time for a bit of reassessment of your accomplishments. To ask like any good gardener: What do I want to keep and what do I want to prune? Have I reaped a fair crop for my efforts? What could I do to improve the harvest?

The Seven of Pentacles can also suggest you’re about to be rewarded for the effort you have put into something. That’s all those pentacles hanging on the vine.

Of if you’re feeling disillusioned re a project/relationship/whatever it suggests your efforts have not been in vain. They have in fact borne fruit. Although the result may not seem satisfactory.

It could also literally be:

A stock take.

Receiving stock dividends or bank interest.

A meeting with your financial planner.

Contract re-negotiation.

Maybe a mid-life – not so much crisis as – re-evaluation.

Can you think of any other examples?

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