Tarot Conspiracy Theory #1

So. There are lots of crazy theories out there about where Tarot cards come from. Here’s one of my faves…

According to one occult tradition Tarot cards are said to have been invented by a group of sages in the city of Fez, Morocco, in 1200 AD. Fez is said by some to have become the literary and scientific capital of the world after the destruction of Alexandria. It was certainly a city of high civilisation in the Middle Ages. The oldest operating university in the world opened there in the 9th century. Wise men from across the known world are said to have gathered there at regular intervals to discuss the Big Questions. Naturally, discussions were difficult due to the fact that they spoke different languages. So they encoded their most important doctrines in pictures in order that they could all understand them. And voila, Tarot cards were born.

Believe it or not! I verge on the side of not. I’m a bit of a sceptic like that (Are you surprised, me being a Tarot card reader and all?) But you never know, there might be a grain of some kind of truth in there somewhere. What do you think?

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