Seven Of Swords: Taking Advantage!

Seven of Swords: A man carrying five swords in his arms looks back as if to check whether or not he’s being followed. The fact that he’s walking on tippy toes adds to the impression he’s being sneaky in some way. In the background a group of figures – the owners of the swords perhaps? – sit so deep in discussion they don’t notice the swords being snuck away from their camp.

Looks bad doesn’t it? And yeah, the man could be flat out stealing those swords, like derr! In a reading this card could be a reference to someone taking something from you without you having noticed. But like a sword this card cuts two ways. Maybe the campers don’t want those swords anyway. Maybe that’s like their rubbish pile. They’re certainly not keeping a close eye on them. Maybe that crafty looking bloke is actually doing them a favour!

This card is all about being strategic. Looking for opportunities that are to your advantage and taking them. Using your mind rather than your muscles to get what you want. Sometimes that might involve an outright scam and other times something more salubrious such as selective communication. Like, only telling your bosses what’s to your advantage as an employee. Like, not mentioning how much that new pair of shoes/golf bag cost to your other half. Like, avoiding the chocolate aisle when shopping with your children ’cause what they can’t see, they won’t want. Not outright lying, just not sharing the whole story.

As a Gemini I’m all for a bit of verbal blind-siding (never nasty) to smooth my path through life. (Is that bad do you think?) What about you?

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