Eight Of Wands Reversed: Failure To Launch

8 Wands R

Well there was much to-do in the Australian media this week about an online shopping event that was created by a local industry group to prevent us Aussies spending too much of our Christmas shopping dollar online O.S. In particular during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales coming up this week in the U.S.

Called ‘Click Frenzy’ the event was a 24 hour shopping sale which was scheduled to start last night at 7pm. It was billed as ‘The Sale That Stops A Nation’. Well the nation did stop alright because when the clock ticked over to opening hour the site came crashing down bringing many others on the internet with it. The store doors might have opened but the crush of the crowd jammed up the entryway, lol. It was after midnight before the system was working as it should and by then most of us were well and truly tucked up in bed. The hashtag #clickfail has been trending on twitter ever since.

I’ve been trying to work out which Tarot card would represent this failure to launch and I reckon it would have to be the Eight of Wands reversed. Straight Eight of Wands signifies that things are happening. So when things don’t happen as in this case you’d reckon the Eight of Cups reversed would be its moniker.

Or can you think of another more appropriate card? Remember this is a discussion, not a monologue, please share.

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