Knight Of Swords: A Man In A Hurry (I Know How He Feels!)

Knight Swords

Aaaaaaaaah! This week has been pure madness. I’ve been rushing around like a lunatic. There are just too many things that need doing TODAY. Every day. Too many boxes to tick. And tomorrow is looking just as fraught. Stop the world I want to get off! Thank all the gods (Tarot is non-sectarian) for my wonderful bosses who slipped me some time release from teaching this morning. Otherwise I’d probably still be finishing stuff off now.

This is very much a Knight of Swords approach to living life. A lot of details pass him by. Like people’s names. Like what you told him 5 minutes ago. Oh yeah sure, he nodded his head as if he was listening but it was all in one ear and out the other. He’s in a hurry man. Too busy to pay attention to anything else but his own agenda. (Hmmm, have I mentioned he can be a bit of an asshole? Sometimes a righteous do-gooder but still an asshole.)

I don’t like living like this. It’s hard to do anything well when you’re frantic. And I prefer to be fully present when I’m talking to people otherwise it’s kinda rude. It’s definitely not an atmosphere conducive to Tarot card reading. Tarot cards are meant to be contemplated. Savoured. They won’t necessarily open themselves up within some designated timetable slot.

Moreover, just like I stretch my limbs every morning with a bit of yoga I believe it’s good to have time to give your soul a stretch at the end of each day. To unwind the stress so you can cope with all the tomorrows that are coming. But whether we like it or not everyone is under pressure these days to operate more like the Knight of Swords. To get IT done NOW.

Anyone else over the pace of modern life like me?

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