The Chariot And The Search For The Perfect Dress

The Chariot

My first post about The Chariot was only two days ago and now here I am ready to talk about it again. But that’s the way Tarot cards work. Once you start thinking about what they mean all sorts of thoughts pop up. They come in 50 shades remember so there’s a lot to say about each one.

I shared in a post this week about how I felt like the Knight of Swords because I’ve been rushing around like a lunatic. That’s because I was on a mission. To make sure my eldest daughter had a great time at her school formal. A formal is a dinner dance held for final year students to celebrate the end of their high school education. And she wanted everything to be perfect. The perfect dress (ordered online from America), the perfect curl in her hair (not quite achieved apparently), the perfect eyebrow shape, the perfect nails. The whole princess look. All girls want this of course but my daughter puts her money where her expectations lie. She had someone come to the house to do her make-up, another woman spray on her tan in a beach tent set up in the lounge room, she booked a penthouse suite in a hotel for the after-party. Not to mention that she had me running around for a whole week buying earrings, dropping her off at the hair salon, picking up her dress from the tailors etc etc etc. My girl takes this sort of stuff veeery seriously.

This is totally The Chariot card in action. The Chariot is about striving for success (often on wonky training wheels). It’s a call to battle. Wanting to come out a winner. It’s about looking the part (a little bit faking it until you make it.) It’s that rush of energy we get at the end of our school years to go out and conquer the world. It can be quite exhausting let me tell you. And you have to watch out that the protagonist doesn’t turn into a Knight of Swords arsehole (bridezilla anyone? Or maybe that should be dresszilla?) The Chariot experience of young adulthood is a terrifying and exhilarating phase of life but can also be quite satisfying. So long as you find that perfect dress (or if you’re a guy, ‘score’ I guess.)

Ah, do you remember those days?

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