The World Card And The Illusion Of Having ‘Made It’

The WorldI just read an article in the arts section of last weekend’s newspaper about a guy called Brian Eno, an English musician, composer, record producer, singer and visual artist, who is apparently pretty famous. He played the keyboard in Brian Ferry’s band Roxy Music which was popular a few decades back, has been a pioneer composer of ambient music and has produced albums for David Bowie, Devo, Talking Heads, U2 and Coldplay just to mention a few. By any standard this man is a success.

You’d think after all these achievements he’d be happy to rest on his laurels a little bit. Sit back and savour his success. But nothing could be further from the truth. At 64 he is just as active as ever, just as busy in the worlds of music and art. He never stops working. In fact he’s so busy he timed the reporter’s interview to the minute. It got me thinking about other successful people in the music biz like Beyonce and Jay-Z and how they never seem to stop coming up with new ideas, new projects. Never stop reinventing themselves.  There is a general perception in our society that once people have ‘made it’ – i.e. become rich or famous, preferably both – they don’t need to work at anything anymore. And yet Brian Eno and other famous peeps put the lie to this prevalent belief.

This brings me to The World card. The ultimate destination in the Tarot journey. Sign of a successful life. You can tell that the lady in this card is dancing by her raised leg and half-turned body. Her hair and scarf have been whipped into the air by her movement. With this card Tarot is suggesting that ultimate success is not where you get to kick back and do nothing. It’s when the work you do is such a joy it feels like a dance. But the bottom line is: you’re still working.

On my personal Facebook page today someone posted the message ‘I didn’t get what I wished for. I got what I worked for.’ And I think that sums up the message of The World card quite well.

Can you think of other famous peeps who epitomise this version of success?

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