The Tarot Of O.C.D.

O.M.G. I’ve been acting totally O.C.D. today. Wonder if there’s something going on in the stars? As I’ve explained ad infinitum I’m usually a massive cheapskate/good budgeter but in the last 24 hours I’ve spent god knows how much updating my DVD collection ($800? Ouch!) I just couldn’t stop myself. What I couldn’t find in the shops I ordered online.

The thing is it was long overdue. We’re still watching most of our favourite movies in video format in my house because that’s how I brought them years ago and the few DVDs we have only work when they want to in the old DVD player. (Did I mention I brought a new DVD/Blu Ray player as well?) To prepare for the renovation I’m planning sometime in the next year or two I’ve been wanting to chuck out all those old videos and replace them with DVDs. I’m quite emotionally attached to our movie collection as I’ve spent a lot of quality time cuddling my girls on the couch watching chick let flicks as they’ve grown. They represent precious memories for me. Maybe that’s why I went so over the top.

So it got me thinking about the Tarot of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I reckon it would be represented by this card:

8 Pentacles

The Eight of Pentacles. The picture shows a man repeating an action over and over again. Maybe in the reverse position? Or in conjunction with The Devil (feeling trapped)? Or both?  I’ve also heard people mention The Hierophant (he represents ritual) and The Magician (don’t get the connection myself) as being indicative of O.C.D. Anyone got any other suggestions?

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