Four Of Swords: Sunday – The Day Of Rest (Thank God!)

If ever a Tarot card was made for describing a day of the week it is this one.

4 Swords

Four of Swords: Time out. Especially from thinking. Talk about summing up Sundays in a nutshell. It’s the one day of the week you feel you have permission to cut yourself some slack and kick back a little bit. Hang out with your loved ones. Forget about the paperwork. Have a rest.

We all spend way too much time doing this…

8 Swords

Eight of Swords: Over-thinking. There’s just too much information to process these days. At work. At home. We’re all hooked into the mainframe wherever we are downloading bytes for our brains to snack on. Shouted at by advertising billboards wherever we go. It’s hard to get your head straight with all that noise. So its great to have a day when you can give yourself permission to not think at all. Clear your mind.

On that note, God forbid I add to the white noise pollution. Write a post just for the sake of it. Because all the ‘experts’ out there say you have to post consistently to get peeps to follow your blog. Because PR rules dictate that is how you become successful. I can feel myself on the verge sometimes. Especially when I’m tired. But usually the most amazing thing happens. Once I force myself to start thinking Tarot again all these ideas pop into my head. But still, I’m making you a pledge here and now dear reader. If ever I feel like I really don’t have something to say I won’t post that day. I know you can tell the difference. Smell when something’s not authentic. And even though I’m a Gemini I don’t want to write just for the sake of it. I want it to be meaningful (that’s my Mars-Pluto conjunction in Virgo.)

And if you think I’m talking out of my arse about something please call me on it. It’s only by sharing our knowledge that we can get the full picture about Tarot (or anything for that matter) 🙂

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