Seven Of Swords: The Christmas Sneak And The Telephone Scammer

7 Swords

As I’ve been telling you ad infinitum every Tarot card comes in many shades. Both positive and negative. And the Seven Of Swords is no exception.

You can use your wiles to do something nice…

Like be the Christmas sneak. It’s reached that time of year when I’m tip-toeing around buying presents for my children behind their backs and hiding them around the house.  Like on the television show Survivor my mission is to outwit outplay outlast my children so they are surprised come Christmas Eve. It’s this great game I get to play every December. I looooove this part of Christmas. And if I shop early enough I don’t feel under pressure so it’s a hootenanny on every level. I also get to play my other favourite game afterwards: Hanging out at shopping centers just before Christmas watching everyone who is not as organised as moi stress out (hmmm, sounds kinda mean when I put it like that. But there you go, lol!)

Or you can use your wiles to pull the wool over someone’s eyes…

Like run a phone scam. There are stories about this on a regular basis in my local rag which I find quite entertaining. But it wouldn’t be fun to be duped by one. I feel especially for the elderly who are more easily tricked by these blighters. Here’s an example from today’s Herald Sun in Melbourne which quite tickled my fancy (it has a funny ending):

‘Myra took a call from a scammer telling her that the Windows program on her computer wasn’t working and that she’d need to upgrade it. ‘I don’t have a computer,’ she said. ‘Do you have a fridge?’ asked the scammer. ‘Yes,’ she replied. ‘A television?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘A microwave?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Well you should have a computer,’ said the scammer who then hung up.’

Ha ha ha ha ha. Talk about cheek! I like to be cheeky with THEM. My favourite trick is to leave the phone on and walk away to waste the b———s time and money.

Have you been scammed by a scammer? Or had one attempt to scam you? Do you have any tricks for turning the tables on them?

Or to focus on something more pleasant: Do you like being the Christmas Sneak as much as I do? It’s kinda like being the opposite of the Christmas Grinch, eh?

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