Temperance: Embracing Middle Age


Temperance. To temper. Modify. Finely adjust. A process that occurs naturally as we age. Behaviour and expectations change to suit diminishing physical capabilities and altered desires.

Ah, middle age.

When a hot summer’s day doesn’t mean a trip to the beach but that you can get all the washing done.

When you want your kids to go out on a Saturday night (rather than go out yourself) so you can have the couch and TV remote all to yourself.

When you give up team sports to protect your back and knees so you can muck around with your kids because that’s more important than showing off on the football field.

Young people (i.e. my own children) think us middle agers have a sad life but in my humble opinion going out and getting wasted, random sex with strangers, sleeping in all day and partying all night, doesn’t come within cooee of the satisfaction you get from creating a life for your family. Or maybe it’s just that in middle age what you enjoy is different to what you enjoy when you’re young.

I’m all for embracing the changes that happen as I age. What about you?

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