Ten Of Pentacles: Graduation

10 Pentacles

I know. I know. I just mentioned the Ten of Pentacles the other day and here I am talking about it again. But once I start thinking about a card it seems to pop up everywhere. You’ll find the same thing happening to you as you get to know the cards.

I chose this card for tonight’s post because I’ve just come back from Grade Six Graduation at my school. Every year we hold a formal ceremony to acknowledge the achievements of the grade six students before they move onto high school. The students are given a key chain and photo to acknowledge their time at our school and some extra special kids are awarded prizes.

We talk a lot during the ceremony about what it is we value as a school and how the children have come to embody those values. And that’s why graduation is a classic Ten of Pentacles experience. It recognises an achievement that is valued by the community. The Hierophant card which represents tradition also comes into play. Especially when it’s graduation from a school. (Um, now I’m wondering if there’s any other kind. But there must be. You can graduate from riding a scooter to a bike right?)

Hopefully by going back to Tarot cards again and again you will gradually build up an understanding of the core meaning of each card. That’s the idea behind this blog. I’m learning too. As I write the post each night I’m forced to crystallize my thoughts about the cards. Just like as a teacher at school I’m constantly learning from my students. It’s the circle of life, lol!

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